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Bottle Flipping Into 2021

 ·  ☕ 2 min read

With all the hubbub of 2020, and the consequences of our lovely pandemic, I finally ended up finding the time to start experimenting with game design.

With what, Unity? Unreal Engine? … What about Godot? None of them.

I’ve started with nothing more than an overdone idea, and an old game that made the leap from Flash to JavaScript, Happy Wheels. The game has long relied on the Box2D physics engine, and as mentioned in their blog post about the conversion, which has plenty of quirks.

During my time building a new Bottle Flip Challenge, with copious amounts of references to a certain Youtube channel; I never could’ve thought so many eldritch horrors could be produced just through minor misplacements of shapes…

A Terrible Attempt

By far it was producing the level’s identity piece that caused the most headache. A semi-automatic bottle pusher device that was intended to cleanly push bottles down a ramp, making it easy for the player to only pick up and throw one bottle at at time.

Bottle Machine

Boy was a wrong about it working well…

Overflowing the loader

I still think the idea can work in the right level configuration, with better pivots and some other way to add impulses to the bottles instead of using boost objects. If anything, the machine would work better with non-fragile objects like throwable balls instead.

You can try the level here… oh and I recommend turning off your sound.

A post-mortem (of the level.)
  • I’m still not totally satisfied with the placement of ledges to land bottles on in this version, so it would be worthwhile to experiment some more. The Austin Powers spot is a rarity to get, but satisfying.

  • The goal condition is both buggy, and too easy to get. the ‘Austrialian Man’ shield is easy to clip the activation trigger to get it to despawn.

  • It’s easy to get a bug win due to the win condition trigger being too large. It can also be triggered with other physics objects with the current settings.